Video is worth 10,ooo words, isn’t it?

Watching this made a slow smile spread across my face, and reminded me of a recent talk I had heard on my way to work, by Alistair Begg.  In it, he drew the conclusion that praise is what we were designed to do; it is natural, and fulfills our purpose.  When you know that, your day becomes clearer, cleaner, full of hope.  Even on bleak days, it brings to mind the praiseworthy elements of your day, and before long, you cannot help but join in the choir!

Another site, (one of my favorites), A Beautiful Ripple Effect, has given me 16 quotes to inspire ‘that grateful feeling’.  I found her selections creative and rich.


So join today’s choir – your song is unique!

Picture of the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne and...

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