BOOK REVIEW: God Loves Broken People, (and those who pretend they’re not), by Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh, who needs little introduction, begins this engaging book with the statement: “If I could write one book in my lifetime, I would ask God to make it this one, the very book you hold in your hands.”   The book is not only available, it is written with the best in her.  She writes real encouragement for life’s trials, in embracing the love He offers us in and through them.

Offering healing from life’s very real hurts, her stories span from the 2 Theresa’s: Mother Theresa and Theresa of Avelioux, Bonhoeffer, and other assorted saints and Biblical figures – some expected, some surprising in their offerings, as well as stories from her friends.  The mingling of story and Scripture brings refreshing glimpses of hope into old tales, making them applicable and comforting.  Her recurring themes of love, forgiveness, hope and grace resound.

An example from chapter 6: “What can I know for sure?  Three rock-solid truths to keep you standing, whatever happens,” she offers first, Nothing surprises God, second, therefore, you can trust Him in your pain, and thirdly, Nothing separates you from God’s love.

I appreciated her breezy, yet truthful style; the fact the study guide is at the back, not interrupting my read with boxed questions, and her vulnerability in sharing her own personal story thru this book.  Thank you, Sheila, for writing your book of a lifetime.  It seems God took you at your word.

Resources for further study:

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Despicable Me: a redemption story

Listening to this glorious song of assurance, at a time when I need it:  I have just blown the lid off my ‘coping strategies’   (thanks, life-coach, for that one)  of torrential cleaning, angry yelling, cupboard slamming and snotty remarks.  Not a pretty picture?

Not one of my finer moments.

And I am brought to the foot of a dirty, common cross on which my true Saviour died for me.  I’ve been praising the wrong saviour: lower-case by active intent.  Oh, this saviour was “mine” alright.  An ego full of selfishness, anger, and pride.  Thanks be to Jesus that He saves me from that saviour’s worship and fellowship: into His peace, His speechless grace.

Brought by tears to peace, I share it with you.  Now I have some apologizin’ to do….

and just in case you haven’t seen the movie, Despicable Me is really a great redemption story.  I just chose to tell my own tonight – sorry, Universal Studios!