Book Review: Walls by Ryan Rush

Taking the visual cue of the Berlin Wall, Ryan Rush writes Walls: Why Everyone Is Stuck And Nobody Has To Be, arguing that we are all blocked in some spiritual ways.  “Walls block us from living, giving and experiencing God’s best in our lives.” His examples include anger, fear, doubt, shame…with room to personalize.  Ryan also clearly states that circumstances are not our walls, though they might tempt us to be distracted into believing so.  He proposes several godly steps toward breaking those walls down (there are often more than one) for your optimal growth in Christ.  Ryan’s style is easy, conversational and simply put – I finished the book in an afternoon.  I would not recommend that speed, however,  as this book may require several perusals for progress on said walls.  Anyone with stubborn mental blocks or spiritual strongholds (his provoking example is Mother Theresa) would be strengthened by simply considering Ryan’s method.  The book includes discussion questions to spark comprehension and conversation, spaces to record your thoughts, and begin naming your walls.

Personally I found this resonated with several internal struggles I have faced, with compassion and healing support, and an emphasis on the promises of God, with examples both thought-provoking and encouraging.

I was grateful to have the privilege of reviewing this book for Tyndale Blog Network, of Tyndale House Publishers and received a complimentary advance copy to complete my review.