BOOK REVIEW: Abraham, One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith; by Charles R. Swindoll

The patriarch of Christian faith, Abraham, is delved into in this biography of his life.  Abraham, One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith by Charles Swindoll pieces together the character of this man, from pagan beginnings to his redemptive faith in the God Who passionately pursued him.  Abraham’s beginning steps of faith, his marriage to Sara, his change of names, and his faith walk are all plumbed, with the added draw of encouraging our walk today.  Subsequently the God Who searched Abraham out, called him to impossible tasks and loved him thru them, is revealed.   This book shows us the deep character of man, and the tender care of his Savior.

Through each section, Swindoll weaves several pithy points from Abraham’s life, and small stories to emphasize these.  For Abraham’s beginning, Swindoll asks whether we are “seeking God’s will deliberately and passionately?” (p. 11)  He intersperses personal stories to remove the sting from his queries, as these are not simple questions easily answered.  In fact, I would venture that the reason for my long delay in posting this review was partially due to my fascination with his questions, and partially simple procrastination.  My favorite quote is from page 80: “…speed is the demon of depth.”  Swindoll leans heavily on the lessons of Abraham’s long 175 year life, especially the years of silence in which he learned of God.  Given Swindoll’s physical and spiritual age, I do not take this lightly.  He urges waiting, walking slower, even asking for patience, and pondering your plans thoroughly in relation to Abraham’s rush to have Ishmael.

To summarize, Swindoll’s book on Abraham’s life is deep, thoughtful and challenging.  it should be read with time, with a notebook, and with a hi lighter at hand.  I would expect, like me, you will have to re-read it, and ponder its points long after you are finished reading.  Swindoll challenged my shallow knowledge of facts about Abraham’s life with his insight into his depth of relationship with his Lord. I am personally challenged as well.  I would hope you would be too.

My review is for Tyndale Blog Network.  I was forwarded a copy of the book for my review purposes.  I will be keeping this one. It has too many hi lighted sections for anyone else to enjoy!  I hope my review has inspired you to obtain your own copy.


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