BOOK REVIEW: My Stubborn Heart, by Becky Wade


Becky Wade makes a cheerful and clever addition to the realm of light Christian romance in her latest book, My Stubborn Heart.  I found it easy to read, loved the characters, and related to many of their emotions and questions.

When Kate Donovan takes a side-trip into the small town of Redbud, PA to help her grandmother restore her family home, she little knows what awaits her, when the surly contractor shows up.  (I know, it’s Christian fiction, I bet you know too).  Yet Becky writes an engaging and funny love story, along with character development and growth.  My only regret is that it is not Christian growth: several flaws are blatant with our hero and heroine in terms of their faith.  Their faith is fluffy: they mention God, yet don’t go to church, engage in study or prayer, and seem rather like ‘good people’ with a few handy Bible verses.  While I would usually hammer down on this watered-down version, Becky’s characters don’t simply move, they dance and sing.  I would read more about them in a heartbeat.  The heroine’s grandmother has a motley assortment of friends who do some creative poker and blind-date arranging, and are memorable in themselves.  Altogether, an admirable effort, but slim on the Christian side.  And when you do read it – please tell me why it is so important to God that you must play professional hockey?

My thanks to Bethany House Publishers, who provided me with this advance copy in return for my candid review.



Becky Wade  (note: had to use publisher’s site, as author’s site, would not open at time of this review)