BOOK REVIEW: Unplanned, by Abby Johnson

Delving into non-fiction for a look at the dramatic conviction experienced by Abby Johnson, a pro-choice leader, into a pro-life spokesperson, Unplanned is a gripping relation of events.  While Abby tends to be verbose and overstated in her attempts to bring clarity and depth to a simple story, it was still eye-opening to hear her version of events.  The tenderness and compassion of the pro-life response to her change of heart is nothing more than inspiring, while the relation of her exposure to an abortion procedure is gut-wrenching, and yet should be required reading.  The book inspires compassion, not only for the smallest members of our human race, but also for those who have the courage to stand in that gap, and for the blind who continue abuse.

My thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, whose summer reading program caused me to read this book, and did not compensate me in any way (I read it from the library this time), for my candid review.


Abby Johnson


Planned Parenthood


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