BOOK REVIEW: Angels are for real, Inspiring True Stories and Biblical Answers; by Judith MacNutt

The title had potential, but rarely lived up to it.  Judith MacNutt combines a multitude of personal stories (some questionable in their relation to the topic) with Biblical references in her latest work, Angels Are For Real.  While I firmly believe in angelic presence, and their vital role in the Word and world,  her examples left me wondering at times if the narrator had taken a few too many pharmaceuticals.  There are valid angelic experiences (a few seem to be in this book), but it was the questionable ones she includes that made me doubt the whole.  For example:  page 50 cites a story in which a grandmother feels her back rubbed and concludes it must be an angel; p.51 while in church, having communion, a parishoner ‘feels’ the presence of her ‘guardian angel’ next to her at the rail, p117 child asking for more room for his angel before  bed.  Each of these, in my opinion, belittles the form and function of the mighty angel of God: whose purpose, as the author does point out, is to protect, warn and guide us.  My caution would be from Colossians 2:18 rather.

Give this book a wide berth, and focus on growth: God will make His messengers known to you without this book, if He needs to.

further reading on Judith MacNutt:

ministry started by Judith and husband Francis: Christian Healing Ministries  (note this quote from the site:”Francis MacNutt was perhaps the first Catholic priest to become actively involved in the ministry of praying with the sick for their healing.”  Presumption!  Even a Protestant can be skeptical…)

other works:

YouTube video

Amazon listing


This uncensored review is in return for my free advance copy of the title; for Bethany House Publishers.


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