BOOK REVIEW: Close Enough to Hear God Breathe, by Greg Paul

Greg Paul brings to consciousness the closeness of God, as that of Father to son, in his latest book, Close Enough to Hear God Breathe.  Illustrating it with personal stories, and those of the community “Sanctuary” where he ministers, he brings into tender and often gritty focus the love of the Saviour.  Separated simply by creation, the fall, redemption, and consummation (gets your attention…), the chapters present God’s master work from the perspective of His great love, and desire for tender intimacy with us.

Regardless of the concepts, I struggled through this book.  Short, simply written, the observations still felt contrived.  The final section: Consummation, left me boggled, and tired from trying so hard to follow his connections.  In fact, just skip chapter 13,  “Aboard the Amadeus,” as his prose is possible, his day-dreams better kept to himself.  Chapter 14 “Erotica” (really?!), attempted to describe the depths culture has sunk to, in pursuing an intimacy without God, or even relationships, but did not clearly succeed.  The book would have been better if it stuck to the occasional stories of his outreach ministry, illustrating the principles with real-life examples.

I leave this book gladly, and give grudgingly 2 stars, for the attempt upon a difficult subject, but I don’t intend to ever pick it up again.   My thanks to Booksneeze, for the catharsis this candid review has allowed me, as part of their blogger review team.  You are welcome to join Booksneeze, as most of their books are not this trying, and all are free!


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