Book Review: The Little Red Book of Wisdom: Revised Edition, by Mark DeMoss

Having blended a puritanical tightwad family into a 10-generation practice of entrepreneurs, I have come to love any new source of business literature; thus, as Mark DeMoss writes The Little Red Book of Wisdom, (Revised), I imagine that he wrote it just for me.  Each chapter is full of punchy titles, pithy quotes and application-rich situations.  I feel the wiser for having simply read it – much less put it into practice.

I was struck initially by the humility found in the preface.  Mark explains why a revision is needed so soon (updated stats, responses to feedback), clarification of the Source of wisdom, background on his firm, and his reasons for writing such a book.

My favorite chapters include: “Work less, think more,” which is something no one tells you today, supporting the value of clear thinking before action, and “Money isn’t everything; good people are,” highlighting the value of dedicated employees to any firm.  In this last chapter (nine, if you are looking for it), I finished the chapter thinking ‘I want to work for this firm!’  I could see from his policy of paid sabbaticals the practice of wisdom to those who have built up the business.  If that were true, many people today would not be searching for a new job.

The book separates into professional and personal life lessons, drawing me in thru the business sense, and cementing those lessons with the call for eternal value in my personal life.  Overall, I was captivated by the sound-bite effect of short pithy statements, and regard it as a reference book for further growth in both areas of my life.  I highly recommend it, whether you do business of any sort, or not.  Mark states in one of the later chapters that “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read,” quoting Charles Jones.  This small red book will make a difference in those next five years.

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I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review, as part of the Booksneeze review blogger group.  You can join also!  Just click on the button at your right.


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