Considering a derelict house: character revealed

Derelict house

Abandoned, neglected, old.

If it were kitchen appliances, I wouldn't even hesitate to throw them out, to wonder why Goodwill offers another chance at such a piece of junk.

But buildings?

I am instantly intrigued, drawn by their untold story, their blighted history. Someone designed, dreamed and built…what happened to cause the abandonment, the loneliness? Was it a broken business deal? A loan that didn't go through? A love affair gone sour? A death?

Then my mind puzzles into the present: who owns it now? Do they even know what it looks like? Do they drive by, disgusted by the dereliction – or the default of promise? Do they promise themselves that this week, this month, it will sell, things will change?

And I wonder, with tender hope, about that relic's potential: who might be looking at you? How would you look with a new coat of paint, some landscaping, a new roof? Would renovation finally bring you a new story to tell, infuse hope into the neighborhood, even the town?

I see character in each old building, and with a select few, I long to touch their potential in a dream-scape renovation.

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