Book Review: Delivery, by Diana Prusik

Diana Prusik has brought double entendre into the meaning of her latest ebook: Delivery.  I was intrigued by the plot concept of a flowershop staff in touch with the pulse of a small town due to the sales of its wares, but this light Christian fiction accomplished far more, by revealing the deliverance several main characters needed.  Pulling together both the family that runs the shop, the tragedies they and town endure, with the tenderness of Scriptures exhibited by caring friends, the author breathes hope into this small web of humanity.  The story spans many years, tying together friends and kin in a positive manner akin to Jan Karon‘s fleet of Father Tim stories.  I cannot rate this quite as high, as Prusik’s characters seemed a bit flat, but the effort, ingenuity of plot, and gentle faith lessons allow me to rate it a 3 star.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers (digital publishing section), for the new opportunity to review this ebook, for which I have received a copy via Netgalley.


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