Book Review: Now I walk on Death Row, by Dale S. Recinella

As gripping as the title Now I Walk on Death Row, the contents do not disappoint.  Dale Recinella writes a compelling case for active faith in his gritty account of finding Jesus in the midst of mindless wealth as a finance lawyer, and subsequent progress towards a benevolent life.  With his legal penchant for detail, he leads the reader in a manner similar to John Grisham, thru the flippant reality of mega-deals to the crux of soul in which Jesus calls him away from his ‘full-barn-focus'(Luke 12:13-22), to a true walk with his Maker.

I found Dale’s development of faith from the heights of pride to the simplicity of humbling family detail and culmination as chaplain to Florida’s death row prisoners gripping, to say the least.  This section found me laughing out loud: his ‘drastic’ budgeting cuts,

 “The economic consequences of my letting go of my part-time work are stiff, to say the least.  They (his children) would have to pay for their own clothes, car, gas, insurance, yearbooks, prom, college, trips, even most of their own wedding costs.”

are very normal measures for nearly everyone I know, parents and grandparents included!

I applaud Dale for actually living out the faith he is given, despite handicaps (wealth, ignorance, fear, etc), and puzzled opposition from mainstream Catholics and Christians.  It was this very fortitude which encouraged me, and will provide some powerful reading for you.

This review was written in trade for the free copy of this engaging book, thru Bethany House Book Reviewers
and Chosen Publishers.


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