Book Review: Reggie, by Reggie Dabbs with John Driver

Reggie, by Reggie Dabbs, was regrettably a disappointment.  I say regrettably, as I believe the format of a book is distinctly unsuited to the message Mr. Dabbs longs to tell, and by his admission, tells often, and in-person to very large groups of young people longing for acceptance and certainty.  His choppy story includes growing beyond his sorrowful beginning (a focal point of his messages:”you cannot change what has already happened”), into a man who spends most of his life on the road, extending to them his pep-talk about life with Jesus.  I wish I had a chance to hear him, as that would probably redeem the time I wasted reading this book.  Instead, I was subjected to a scattered array of narcissistic stories surrounding the author, from birth to public speaking career, mixed with disjointed Bible characters, and far too many statistics.  Although he includes a salvation invitation, questions for personal study (as all good books should, right Reggie?) at the end of each chapter, I wouldn’t have bothered skimming this in the book store.  Keep to the public venues, Reggie, my bookshelf is outta your reach.

This review was done for Booksneeze: in which I received a complimentary copy of the book, in exchange for my review.  You can do the same: click on the button!


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