Book Review: Gray Matter, by David Levy, MD with Joel Kilpatrick

Merging the compassion expected of any man with the technical pathos of a detailed endovascular neurosurgeon, Gray Matter, by David Levy, MD with Joel Kilpatrick, promised and delivered in page-turning style.  I couldn’t put it down, which says a lot, as my medical background allows me the understanding of what most neurosurgeons, even most surgeons are, and are not.   As a rule, the more detailed your understanding, the less compassion is expected.  Yet in this case, Dr. Levy prompts not only your awe but your eagerness for his friendship, his very heart.  Far from trite, he inspired my faith by his testimony, and my practice of medicine and nursing with his story of praying with the patients he interacts with each day.

I journeyed into medicine for the stories of patients, and it is one of the few things that keeps me coming back for another shift, so when Dr. Levy leaps into the story of Maria, as an introduction to his method of praying with patients, I was hooked.  Each chapter of similar stories left me wishing for more, prompted personal growth, and even a prayer that somewhere, Dr. Levy would continue his good work.  The clear and simple presentation of the Gospel, spoken quietly in a doctor’s office, a pre-operative bed, or a recovery room crisis, made me see a modern-day Paul.  Tent-making can be done with neurons too.  Compassion and healing can be extended everywhere.  The unexpected sight of a doctor bowing his head before his Maker in the presence of patients, casts holy light on even that frightening and sterile environment.

I greatly appreciated the chance to look thru the eyes of a faith-filled neurosurgeon in action, and to be personally inspired by him was surprising and humbling.  It would be my pleasure to read more of his (and Joel’s) writings.  For the first chapter, click 1st Chapter .PDF.

I was grateful to have the privilege of reviewing this book for Tyndale Blog Network, of Tyndale House Publishers and received a complimentary advance copy to complete my review.

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