Forgive me, but I'll hold onto those…thoughts

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The temptation to a mental voyeur is unspeakable.

Why do you think I read so much?

Would it truly show more than that – more than other's drive, intentions, or struggles? Could it make me more patient that morning, more kind that afternoon, more humble that evening?

I find the image of Jim Carey, (Bruce Almighty) his flippant declaration of fix-it-ability better than God's: overwhelmed in a moment by yellow post-it's of that morning's prayers, requests, desires. Even the dog is covered!

Jim (Bruce) discovered what I believe I would: that I am given just what I can handle, just the niche I was created for. The opportunity and vision are enough for what I hear and see by daily breath.

Would I glimpse in a day, the thoughts that most strive to hide, cover, avoid.

Would it make me stronger?

How grateful I am, that only the forgiving Father hears. Loves. Accepts, and continues to teach me, despite what He hears each morning, afternoon, and evening – both from my mind and my lips.

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