Despicable Me: a redemption story

Listening to this glorious song of assurance, at a time when I need it:  I have just blown the lid off my ‘coping strategies’   (thanks, life-coach, for that one)  of torrential cleaning, angry yelling, cupboard slamming and snotty remarks.  Not a pretty picture?

Not one of my finer moments.

And I am brought to the foot of a dirty, common cross on which my true Saviour died for me.  I’ve been praising the wrong saviour: lower-case by active intent.  Oh, this saviour was “mine” alright.  An ego full of selfishness, anger, and pride.  Thanks be to Jesus that He saves me from that saviour’s worship and fellowship: into His peace, His speechless grace.

Brought by tears to peace, I share it with you.  Now I have some apologizin’ to do….

and just in case you haven’t seen the movie, Despicable Me is really a great redemption story.  I just chose to tell my own tonight – sorry, Universal Studios!


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