Schooling for pocket-change

Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse

Implicating myself, I would enact the "Homeschooling Support Law" in which HALF of the yearly allocated state dollars for the education of one child in their system (currently about $10,000 in mine) be given to a homeschooling family or co-op.

While state educators would vociferously cry out at the cuts to their funding, as a beneficiary, I would rather rejoice at my windfall. At a rough estimate, I have schooled my four on less than $800 this year (full curriculum for two separate grades, with foreign language studies and P.E. classes included). What would the extra $5000 do for me? I couldn't exactly quit my day job (yes, I work full-time too), but I could feed our family for a year on that, or pay off the truck, or simply have a phenomenal field trip (aka, vacation). Even if required to use the excess for further education (a state college, for instance), we might eventually be able to afford Harvard, or Yale, rather than expecting to enroll in the local community college or utilize the GI bill.

If the law gave me half of every child's expected allocation of state dollars, well then, I could give up my day job. What a concept. Simple means, dedicated teachers (not perfect, not rich), with enthusiasm and love for each child – sounds like utopia, no?

And before your comments overload the server with doubt, horror or needless arguments for the poor and needy (might I remind you I still pay their school fees also this year), I beg you to consider that excellent education remains a privilege, not a right.

'A little revolution is a good thing' (eh, Jefferson?): just trying to do my part!

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