Book Review: Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones

In a drastic switch from my usual type of reading, I chose what I assume to be typical Christian chick-lit: Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones.  It would be easy to make allusions to Harlequin-esque + WWJD for this piece of fluff, but the truth is, if this reaches some desperate housewife, then color me glad.  I think.
Although the plot pulled me in, and the character Lucy had me hoping for more of her personality, I was ultimately brought to a blessed Cinderella’s castle of perfection: desperate hot Christian women get even hotter Godly men if they compromise their values and intuition.  Even my assumption that Lucy’s prejudice towards rich folk would prove to be no worse than their snottiness towards her was redeemed by fledgeling attempts at growth in faith.  In fact, my favorite character was Lucy’s initial nemesis: the ultimate society snot Clare, and her very warm personal secretary, Julian, who both showed more faith in the end than the protagonist.
My summation would be, that if desperate Christian housewives read a steady diet of this nonsense, they might as well make a reality TV show too.
My thanks to Thomas Nelson, who provided me a complimentary copy in exchange for this (very candid, critical) review.

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