Book Review: Unto the Hills, by Billy Graham

Unto the Hills, by Billy Graham, is written to bring daily focus to your devotional life.  Given the international status of the author, I found it a comforting elemental read:  a set of verses for the day were explained simply, concepts explained and action for the day encouraged.  I imagined Billy himself sitting by me, in a well-worn leather armchair, letting me in on the secrets of daily time with God.

It is this elemental design and delivery springing from nearly a century of seeking to make God’s Word clear to the masses, that brings freshness to each day’s page.  I was especially encouraged by June 13th’s entry: ‘The Highest Calling’, which brings to mind Oswald Chamber’s powerful devotional, My Utmost For His Highest.  Both of these great men found that each and every day was fresh before God, open to the working of His hand upon it – yet required our attention to His Word for our participation in that process.  God is never hindered by my neglect of His Word.  Rather, I am the loser.  Billy writes that “If I leave my room in the morning without my quiet time, my day is all wrong, my ministry curtailed.  I have no close walk, no intimate fellowship with Christ.”  I am greatly encouraged by the humility of such a faithful man.

I had the privilege of reviewing this book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program: the opinions stated are my own, and I am grateful to keep this copy in return for my review.


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