Change, please!

the small steps of change begin with me – who needs to wait for the New Year?

train myself to wake at 6 each day
Besides being Ben’s favorite maxim, I would venture that the peace is unparalleled, the focus amazing, and I become the premier patron of a new art gallery every morning (one print per minute). I dont want to miss most of my life sleeping, or wishing I could have done more! When I do it, I feel amazing (after coffee), and the whole day seems to go better after the one little push of getting my warm feet onto that cold floor.

walk every day
My sister started this – and a blog about it to boot, which keeps me motivated, but the habit must be grounded (28days?), before I can accomplish any weightier moves toward my health. None of us need much, just consistency in small areas. As a great example for my kids, this is invaluable.

This is the big Kahuna of making progress in any matter: if I dont know what I have, I can’t plan, buy, reduce debt, retire or enjoy today! Big order, small steps. I would just like to get this week done, then backtrack – and work from there. I believe it will create peace, after the initial set-up frustrations.

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One response

  1. I salute you! My 2011 resolution is to not re-read anything. All new books this year! So far, so good!

    I do like the 6am idea. Gosh, that would mean I’d need to go to bed early though…!!

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