One perspective-changing word:

Ice climbing on Mt. Rainier


Instantly conjuring up an image in my head, of strength in purpose, or longsuffering, or even unrequited love, the word itself can change my perspective. I am transported into an age of soldiering on: as heroes such as William Wallace, or Paul Revere, or Harriet Tubman would do. They did not give up in the face of difficulty – no!

In one simple utterance, my head lifts a little higher, my face becomes one of calm determination, and my outlook is brightened by optimism and hope. I am encouraged to think of those who will watch me, remember my actions, and learn from my strength at this moment. And when those moments seem to stretch into the horizon, sighing the active form of this word brings me to my senses.

"To persevere…" brings thoughts of explorers, inventors, statesmen, and hopeful pioneers. Of a Saviour, Who did not turn from His purpose. Perhaps, humbly, one day it may be said of me, that I did persevere in what I was allotted.

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