What I’d Do With a Million Dollars

There are days you can smell those crisp green bills, fresh off the press, loaded in cases: an answer to prayer? Or, as Dave Ramsey would put it: “better than I deserve”?


One million dollars seemed like an impossible sum in my youth, but now, with experience behind me, especially the painful, learning type of experience, it occurs to me that this is not much of a gift. In fact, my analytical mind once calculated it would take twice that amount to get all our debt paid off, and be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. What a selfish, ironic thing to write: comfort for me is so much more than the joyful people of Uganda that I’ve witnessed in bare existence, or the orphans in Somalia, or even the simplicity of my new friends in Scotland. Much of the world has a better expression of comfort than my culture, and I desire that more than those million dollars. Honestly, while I would not turn it down, it just doesn’t give me the satisfaction of honestly working for my bread (especially home-made bread!), scrimping pennies for a fantastic vacation, or humbly offering my few dollars to another’s need: like my co-worker, who came down with breast cancer months after becoming a wife and mother. In fact, you take it, dear friend – perhaps God will grace you with healing, comfort, and time because of those impersonal dollars. I have enough. I have been blessed – and so are you, regardless of millions.

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