It’s relaxing for me!

Squamish between the Center and North peaks

Funny, on one of the most relaxing days I can remember in a long time, I found this on a favorite blog I frequent.

A Beautiful Ripple Effect – Carolyn Rubenstein Blog Journey

via How to Create a Personal Relaxation Menu: Part 1.

The premise she maintains holds true in my life as well: that modern women have difficulty allowing time for introspection, then fulfillment of it’s fruit.

So today was a glorious free afternoon that I spent in my way of relaxing: hiking for several hours, with no worry about coming back at a certain time.  Golden sunshine, light breeze.  It was as though fall was on pause for one long last glorious day of summer.  Only six other people on the trail, one a co-worker (that’s the great thing about a small town), all intent on grasping this fleeting afternoon.

As a side note, in searching for images to top this post with, I came across the marvelous work of Jake Case, with a Flickr Photostream account, to whom belongs my admiration: you captured most of the wonder of my day… the rest was up to me.

So returning to Carolyn’s post, I had forgotten how a solitary walk could boost my mood, provide gorgeous mental material for reflection, and even challenge me to a hiking haiku!  Thanks to Carolyn, for reminding me to record, to list, to honor the moments that bring me joyful relaxation.

Yellowing ferns, touched by October afternoon sunlight:

Titania’s forgotten lace.


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