Booksneeze -strange title for a great concept

One of my most delightful finds lately has been the strangely titled Booksneeze, with the opportunity to review books for Nelson Publishing, in return for keeping the book reviewed. I couldn’t resist the lure of a free book, and the first went off without a hitch, despite the fact I disliked the book itself (they value honesty – imagine!).

My second book review met with far better success. Not only did I like it, my idea of giving it to my husband for Father’s Day should be a good success! (Don’t tell…)

The Right to Lead: Learning Leadership Through Character and Courage, by John Maxwell, is a refreshing look back through history at great characters of leadership.  I was encouraged to read stories of both the well-known and the rather obtuse heroes who have shown such a trait in either a portion or the whole of their lives.  I was familiar with Harriet Tubman, for example, but with the brave  Japanese diplomat, General Chiune Sugihara, I was not.  I enjoyed each character story, including descriptions of their personal faith in Jesus, and the multitude of quotes upon the leadership subject, with seven particular angles on how it is exemplified, including short Biblical character references.  On the whole, I found it to be a perfect gift for Father’s Day, while allowing me the chance to enjoy its depths a bit early!


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